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2006-07 Cinque Terre and Lago Maggiore

These places must be among the most scenic in Italy, but the competition is of course fierce. Go there to enjoy the views and, just as important, the food!

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2006-10 Namibia

Namibia is a spectacular country. Imagine red sand dunes 200 meters tall. Imagine a desert where black sand is layered with white sand. Imagine antelopes who can live for months without a drop of water. Imagine enjoying all of this with basically no other people around. Welcome to Namibia.

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2005-10, Alsace

In Alsace you can live the good life, for a few days at least. Then your liver will protest. The hills are dotted with lovely little vilages, each with a number of wineries that tempt you to stop for a quick visit, and tasting.

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2005-04, Jordan

In spring 2005 Magda and I visited Jordan, a fantastic little country with lots to see and do.

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2005-07, Svalbard

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2005-12, Tanzania

Tanzania is a country with fantastic wildlife and poor, but friendly people. We visited the country for two weeks, and managed to squeeze in a Serengeti safari, Pemba scuba diving and a Zanzibar exploration.

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2005-07, Umbria and Marche

Umbria and Marche are two lovely regions in the middle of Italy. They're full of small fields among rolling hills and mountains. At least as beautiful as Tuscany, but less tourists and not as expensive. Drive around and stay at agriturismos. You'll love the views and the food!

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